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Video Production Services
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Advertising & Marketing Video

We create effective advertising and branding videos for your web and social media marketing, as well as for broadcast/cable/satellite.

Corporate Video Production

Training videos, trade show booth videos, shareholder meeeting videos, conference videos and investor presentation videos.

Entertainment and Music Videos

Kinetic Media Productions loves working with recording artists and film directors to create their film or professional music video in stunning 4K Ultra HD.

Livestream Video Production

Let our crew professionally livestream your business video presentation, or event with multiple cameras, teleprompting, professional audio, graphics and more.

Myrtle Beach Video Production

Kinetic Media Productions is a full-service video production company located at the south end of the Grand Strand, in beautiful Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. From stunning beach scenes, numerous golf courses, untouched wetlands, to lively nightlife, Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand have something for everyone and we are proud to call this area our home!

We serve Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Florence, surrounding areas and beyond. Our focus is on producing high quality, results-driven marketing videos / business videos / advertising videos for our clients, including web videos, social media content, training videos, television commercials and more!

A business can use video in a variety of ways to grow their revenue, from marketing to existing customers, presenting to prospective clients and investors, to efficiently training their employees. In the last 11 years, our clients have grossed more than $5 billion dollars!

Whether you’re looking for a professional video production company to create a commercial / promotional video on an one-off basis, or need help with your entire video marketing strategy, Kinetic Media Productions is here to serve.


Distribution Strategy

Creating effective visuals is only one part of your advertising investment. We can implement an effective traditional/digital placement and distribution strategy to reach current and future customers.

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Advertising Video

Have you noticed advertising videos popping up all over the internet? Do you wonder why businesses are turning to video for advertising?

Advertising has always been an important part of any business. But nowadays, it's not enough just to put a billboard up or a paid advertisement in the newspaper. Businesses need to reach customers through multiple forms of media, including digital ones. To do this, they are turning more and more towards using video as one of their main forms of advertising.

Videos have become an increasingly popular medium for businesses to get their message across and draw in customers. The benefits of advertising video are numerous, from targeting certain demographics to increasing engagement with potential customers. We'll explore why businesses should consider creating advertising videos and some strategies that can help them achieve success with this type of content.


One of the main benefits of using video for advertising is that it can be tracked and measured. This allows businesses to see how their ads are performing and make changes if necessary. With traditional forms of advertising, such as print or radio, it's difficult to track results in real-time. But with video ads, businesses can measure the success of their campaigns by tracking views, likes, shares and conversations with new and potential customers. 

Video Advertising Distribution

Distribution is another key benefit of using video for advertising. With traditional forms of advertising, businesses are limited to the platforms they can use to reach their target audience. But with video ads, businesses can distribute their content across multiple platforms, including social media and streaming services. This allows them to reach a larger audience and increase their chances of success. 

Video Ads Engagement

Advertising video engagement is also higher than other forms of advertising. People are more likely to watch a video ad than read a print ad or listen to a radio ad. This means that businesses can reach more people and get their message across in a more engaging way.


Viral Video

Drive viewers in droves ORGANICALLY to your business with a whacky and fun parody video on social media.

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We provide great value for our clients through results-based, creative,  high-quality video advertising & marketing.  

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Return on Investment

Our videos pay for themselves many times over with the business they bring our clients.

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Continuous Value

Our videos have a long shelf-life and often times can be re-edited at a percentage of the original production cost.

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Consistent Branding

We align our creative with your exisiting brand, or help you craft a new one.

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Here is what a few of our clients have to say about working with us

Brad did an amazing job with our in office video production! He is very easy to communicate with, prompt, and delivered exactly what we asked for in a timely manner! We highly recommend him!!

Brad did a wonderful job with a project he just produced for our company. Easy to work with and has great vision for media projects! I highly recommend Kinetic Media Productions!

Brad and his team completed a TV ad production for our company (Budget Blinds of Florence). They did an awesome job, we are happy to recommend them.

George Rishmawi
George Rishmawi

Brad has done several projects for me. He's easy to work with and the videos are great.

Brad did a small clip for me for YouTube and it turned out AMAZING! He did an awesome job of taking my vision and adding in his personal artistic side to it.

Jazmine Bystrzycki
Jazmine Bystrzycki

Mr. Brad and his team filmed a music video for my song “ Jesus Talked To Me “ and it turned out amazing!! Definitely going to use Kinetic Media again when I do another video! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any type of video media you need! Thanks again Mr. Brad!

Steve Poston
Steve Poston

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